HandyRehab (Zunosaki) is a Hong Kong-based robotic technology venture founded in 2015. With a focus to tackle the problem of healthcare accessibility and improve the quality of life of the disabled, the start-up designs and develops affordable robotic products for physical rehabilitation. By empowering community healthcare service providers with affordable solutions, we enhance therapists’ productivity and improve the quality of life of the disabled.

With years of R&D in the robotics and sensor technologies, we are spearheading our first product – HandyRehab – a lightweight and a wireless robotic glove that is patented and clinically proven to assist stroke rehabilitation to up to 90% of full motor control. With an approachable consumer-grade model, the emphasis is on selling this cutting-edge product at affordable pricing levels to make technology work for all.

HandyRehab is an alumnus of the HKSTP IncuTech, SoInSoGood and SOW Asia, and is currently supported by the SIE Fund.


  • Founder and CEO of POSH Office Systems (HK) Limited
  • Young industrialist of Hong Kong 2015


  • Co-founder and Non-Executive Director of Techtronic industries Company Limited (TTI)
  • Chairman of Vocational Training Council
  • Honorary President of the Federation of Hong Kong industries


  • Founder & CTO

MR. Alvin Cheung

  • Co-Founder & CEO

Active training are carried out based on detecting the patient’s intention to move with electromyography (EMG). Our robotic glove assists a movement upon detecting the patient’s intention to move.

With HandyRehab’s personalized training program, automatic procedures can be designed for individual patients.

HandyRehab helps patients improve the skills needed for daily living and working. The lightweight and wireless design allow patients to undertake task-oriented training with real life objects.

Equipped with motion tracking and key performance measuring features, HandyRehab allows therapists to better visualize patients’ recovery progress.

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  • Engineers (Electronic / Mechanical / Mechatronics)
  • Industrial Designer
  • Marketing & Sales Specialist
Summer Internship 2020 (rolling basis)
  • Electronic Engineering Intern
  • Marketing Intern
  • Strategy & Corporate Finance Intern

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