Home-based training device for stroke rehabilitation


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Recovering at home. Regaining Autonomy and Hope

HandyRehab Home Edition is specifically designed to meet the upper limb rehabilitation needs of stroke patients. Utilizing the latest technology in mechanical engineering, it provides patients with different levels of training.

Benefits to Stroke Patients

Home Training

With the HandyRehab Home Edition, stroke patients with limited mobility can easily receive rehabilitation training at home, eliminating the need for frequent trips to clinics. Additionally, the rehabilitation progress will no longer be affected by external factors such as the ongoing pandemic, providing patients with a more consistent and reliable rehabilitation experience.

Frequent Training

In addition to regular rehabilitation training at clinics and day centers, patients can also engage in daily training anywhere and anytime with the assistance of a caregiver, which can help speed up the recovery process.

Early Intervention

The HandyRehab Home Edition enables stroke patients to commence the rehabilitation process as early as possible, utilizing the golden recovery period to maximize their chances of achieving better results.

Range of motion - There are 3 levels of range of motion for users to choose from, in order to suit patients with different rehabilitation levels.

Benefits of using HandyRehab

Enhance motor coordination.

Strengthen the sensory input by the brain and its connection with the palm and finger movements to improve mobility.

Improve blood circulation.

Perform passive stretching to decrease the stiffness of the arteries and help them dilate.

Boost emotional well-being.

Boost patients' self-confidence and confidence in the progress of rehabilitation to improve their psychological well-being.

Task-based training approach

Full Hand Grip

Two-finger Pinch

Hook Grip

HandyRehab Home Edition Components

Each set of HandyRehab Home Edition contains the following components:

  • Wireless robotic glove x 1 (Left/Right)
  • Batteries
  • Charging port
  • Storage box

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