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HandyRehab - Home Edition

HandyRehab Home Edition is specifically designed to meet the upper limb rehabilitation needs of stroke patients. Utilizing the latest technology in mechanical engineering, it provides patients with different levels of training.

Temi Medic

With the increasing demand for healthcare services, patients, elderly living in residential care homes and family members are all looking forward to more flexible and personalized care services. Temi Medic is designed to provide mobile intelligent care services. In addition to basic customer service and real-time video chat, users can upgrade the system to include room visits and physical checkups as needed.

Companion Doll

Bo is a companion doll designed based on the suggestions and needs of local institutions. It can respond to touch and sound, interacting with users. It also has a recording function, allowing family members to convey messages to the elderly through Bo. Bo is made of plastic and fabric for easy cleaning. Designed with Chinese children as the blueprint, Bo has a more approachable appearance, with features like eating, blinking, and snoring for a realistic sense of presence. This product is suitable for long-term hospitalized elderly and patients with cognitive disorders, among others. We hope that through Bo, we can provide the elderly with opportunities to express their feelings, stabilize their emotions and behavior, and at the same time reduce the pressure on caregivers.

HandyRehab - Medical Edition

HandyRehab enables patients to conduct trainings with day-to-day objects and tasks. It can also act as an assistive device for people with hand function disabilities.